Mount Temple

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The only significant rock climbing area on Mt Temple is Grand Sentinel, a slender, isolated spire of quartzite about 100 m high situated near Sentinel Pass on the northwest side of the mountain. Two other outcrops of Gog Group quartzite have been explored lower down but with no significant development. These are the Moraine Lake Road cliffs which face east along the base of the mountain above overlooking the road, and the Lake Annette cliffs which are nestled in a small cirque on the north side of the mountain. There are rumours of exploratory visits to the Moraine Lake Road cliffs but no reported climbs. The cliffs have a nice, sunny aspect but their position above a steep slope with the road directly below makes rockfall a concern. The Lake Annette cliffs were explored by Dave Thomson and Tom Wolfe and two 30 m climbs were established. One is a good 5.11a (2 bolts) and the other is to its left (no details). The cliffs are in the shade all day and the 1½ hour approach up Paradise Valley and restrictions due to bear activity make other venues seem more attractive.

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  • 10a - 10d
  • 11a - 11d
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  • 13a >
  • Grand Sentinel
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