Spray Slabs

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These small slabs are located along the east side of the Spray River a short distance from the Bow Falls car park and the start of the Golf Course road. They are formed by an exposed bedding plane of fine grained siltstone tilted at an angle of approximately 70 degrees and offer short, technical climbing in an easily accessible and picturesque setting. The area is quick to dry, has a 10 – 12 minute approach, and is in the sun from midday onwards. Most of the climbs were established in the early 80’s and originally reflected the run-out climbing style of the day. Many have since been retro-bolted and as sport climbs, provide an ideal environment for developing extreme footwork and micro-edging techniques.
The climbs seem under-graded at first and probably are, but the grades are consistent if somewhat humbling. The outcrop was once quarried and the stone used in construction of the Banff Springs Hotel and other early buildings. The central region, where the climbs are located, is very solid but on either side the rock is exfoliating and badly weathered.

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