Stoney Squaw

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Several smaller climbing areas close to the Banff town site are grouped together in this section and described first. The overview map below shows the location of the cliffs which are described in clockwise order beginning with Stoney Squaw near the Banff/Mt Norquay interchange on the Trans-Canada Highway. All the cliffs can be reached on foot from the town of Banff, as can those on Tunnel Mountain (Chapter 2) and Mt Rundle (Chapter 3).
Stoney Squaw is a small, forested hill on the north side of the highway, east of the Mount Norquay ski area. It has a large broken cliff on its east side which is an extension of a similar cliff on the east side of Tunnel Mountain. Both are formed in Livingstone Formation limestone but the Stoney Squaw cliff is more broken and has only one, almost forgotten climb. Another smaller but more developed cliff is situated on the south side of Stoney Squaw visible from the Mount Norquay interchange. It is a rounded slab set amongst the trees on a rib a short distance above the highway. This is called Robbie’s Rock and has a few short climbs that are easily accessible and ideal for beginners.

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