The Little Beehive

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Lake Louise is one of the most visited and scenic lakes in the Canadian Rockies and has a number of important climbing areas in its immediate vicinity. The cliffs at the far west end of the lake, commonly referred to as The Back of the Lake, are the most popular and are well covered by other guidebooks. To avoid duplication, they were not originally included in this book but an extract has now been added to ensure complete coverage. The extract is taken from Sport Climbs in the Canadian Rockies by John Martin and Jon Jones and is given as a separate section later in this chapter. There are several major cliffs along the south side of the lake, under the shadow of Mount Fairview, which take longer to access but have some of the best climbs in the area. Many of these are gear routes and these cliffs are either excluded or incompletely covered by the other guidebooks. The map below shows the location of the main climbing areas around the lake. Also included is the somewhat obscure Billy Connolly Cliff located high up on the north side of the lake near the Little Beehive. The North Facing Cliffs on the south side of the lake are described first, then the Billy Connolly Cliff, and finally the Back of the Lake as a separate section.

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