Grande Grotte

Greece | Massouri | Climbing in Kalymnos


The original centre piece of Kalymnos climbing, the famous and very photogenic cave has a stunning set of stamina routes across the 7th grade, with some harder extensions well into the 8ʼs. The climbs here are rightly very popular and can get very busy. If you are early and get your draws on a route itʼs polite to let others attempt the route whilst you are resting; if you are waiting, please be patient and ask the climber if its ok to try the route when they finish. Letting others try the route can create a good team spirit and may also give you some new beta to help you! Whatever you do, donʼt try and top-rope the super-steep routes in the cave, itʼs actually harder than leading and dangerous if you start with a few draws unclipped because you can get slammed into the ground if you fall early.

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