Walkabout Faces

Australia | Point Bonney | Moonarie Rock Climbing


When viewed from Moonarie the slabs culminating in huge roofs at the left end of this face look particularly awe inspiring. As such, they have long been discussed with reverence but almost never visited. Without a marked walking track and water tank it seems little is possible. The direct approach up the slope to these slabs is both long and arduous. Once there you are greeted by an enormous roof above a rippled wall bounded to the right by a long slanting corner (Midnight Special). Further left is the main slab area which, unfortunately, is of low enough angle to virtually walk up. This, too, is roof-capped, though not as dramatically. Above both these rooflines the cliff is somewhat broken up, while still liberally festooned with jutting overhangs and hanging corners. The potential, however, does not appear to match up to the promise of distant view. The black walls to the right of Deception on Walkabout Faces extend for around 70 metres before giving way to a large sickle shaped roof at half height across the wall. These walls are topped by a band of imposing roofs the most prominent of which is The Thylacine, a black and orange streaked monster. Although the band of roofs appears unbroken from a distance there are several weaknesses to tempt the intrepid climber. One of these lies at the southern tip of The Thylacine where a lower roof presents a distinctive airy nose. Labyrinthodon takes a line directly up to this point.

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